We invite our International property Sellers to take advantage of one of the largest international groups of multi-listing estate agents and realtors in the world – linked to the services you need to achieve your goals smoothly and without stress.  Our experts and agents guarantee you the best market coverage – your property will automatically be available on more websites worldwide and through more offices than any other resl etstae company or agent can offer. Fast moving and dynamic, as indicated by the company name, Millennium Development Action (MDA). We do not waste time, because time, quality, precision and action are for us the most important factors in the industry. Our vision is to lead with all the information you need to satisfactorily achieve your goals within the shortest period of time and enjoy all the benefits offered by the industry.

When you want to sell your property, please contact us. Our international real estate experts and agents are always at your services to  assist you sell your most adequate property (locally or in the international market) under the best conditions possible, by carrying out the following advanced services wihtout delay and in due time:

      • Prepare your property for Open House and Listing Appointment Safety; 
      • Sell your property fast and for the best asking price;
      • Provide guidance and assist you in marketing your property for the right price under the best terms;
      • Determine seller’s needs and financials abilities to propose solutions that suit them;
      • Intermediate negotiation processes, consult seller on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters, ensuring a fair and honest dealing;
      • Perform comparative market analysis to estimate properties’ value;
      • Display and market real property to possible buyers;
      • Prepare necessary paperwork (sale and purchase contracts, and closing statements, etc);
      • Manage property auctions or exchanges; and
      • Maintain and update listings of available properties.
If required by seller, MDAICReal may assist for property reconstruction and upgrading in order to add value before sale.

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