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Last Updated: 04.11.2022
Monthly: From €650/month
Daily: From €40/Day (On request)
Hourly: From €15/Hour (On request)
Parking: Yes
Deposit: 1 months
Period: Based on agreement
Rate: €15.50-16.50/m²/month
Rent: 1 Year Minimum
Location: Karolinská 661/4, Praha 8


AMAZON COURT is a high standard office building, which is designed to provide the greatest working comfort. It was the winner of the  MIPIM Architectural Review Award in 2008. It is located in a popular in Karlin, a popular business district, providing a very close access to the green nature and the river Vltava, which made the building earn the Gold DGNB Certificate of the year 2011. The building has an easy accessibility by Public Transport (5 minutes worlk to the Metr Station and Tram Stop). Besides, it is profided with a comfortable underground parking with 254 parking spaces. 

If you need an address for the location of your Company Headquarters (HQ), please do not hesitate to contact us. At your request, your Company will be provided with an assistant. performing secretarial work and providing senior managers with day-to-day administrative support. The assistant's duties also include answering phone calls and managing correspondence, scheduling appointments, and making travel arrangements. At your request, the assistant may also organize events for your request.


Amenities and Features

Internet connection


Main Reception

HQ Location

Private Reception

Coffee & Tea Room

Security Guards

Parking Spaces


Assistant Services

Fully Furnished


Copy Centre


Access 24/7

Central AC

Call Room

Public Transport 





Available Office Spaces









6th Floor

17 m²

 €772/Mth Available



Location Map


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