RISE CONDO #1006

    RISE is a 43-story tower designed by Arquitectonica. The building...




    RISE CONDO #1908

    Steven G Sales Model. RISE is a 43-story tower designed by...





    UNA’s 135 luxury residences set the standard for Brickell...



    New gorgeous modern home on Hibiscus Island. Elevated way above...



  • DI LIDO ISLAND Dr - No. 608 W SOLD

    DI LIDO ISLAND Dr - No. 608 W

    Gorgeous contemporary waterfront estate w/gated entry on prized...



  • DI LIDO ISLAND Dr - No. 610 W SOLD

    DI LIDO ISLAND Dr - No. 610 W

    This magnificent one-of-kind Tri-level waterfront residence on the...



  • DI LIDO ISLAND Dr - No. 500 W SOLD

    DI LIDO ISLAND Dr - No. 500 W

    Ultra-high-end luxury waterfront on the Venetian Islands in Miami...





    New construction home located on Hibiscus Island in Miami Beach




    HIBISCUS ISLAND Dr - No. 101

    This exquisitely designed masterpiece, a contemporary ode to the...






Selling your property

How long does it take to sell a property at MDAICReal?
On average it takes around thee (3) months from placing the property on the market. However, the selling period depends always on the requirements of the seller and the potential buyer.
Is it possible to speed up the selling process of my property?
Off course, making sure that your property is well presented visually to attract more interested clients (in the international market), which will lead to many offers (technical, commercial and financial). MDAICReal also help you speed up the selling process through its international business portfolio: international mortgage, property/fixed asset investment, etc. Our international investors earn great returns investing in pre-vetted, short-term, property-backed loans in Europe - one of the safest asset classes over time. Investors can invest from as little as €50 and earn up to 12% per year. Therefore, if your property is sold within a period of three (3), then MDAICReal may purchase it as an investment asset for its investors.
Do I always need to engage MDAICReal or an agent?
Engaging or instructing MDAIReal or an estate agent to sell your property is not a legal obligation. Some vendors try to keep costs down by avoiding to use an agent at all. However, it is well worth, considering the benefits we can provide. We always add values, providing the man power, know-how and experience, etc. you would need to effectively market your property to ensure it receives maximum exposure to attract as many clients as possible. We also deal with the viewings, manage competing offers and oversee the entire process through to completion. In short terms, we always find solutions to common issues and ensure a successful sale is achieved. Hence, MDAICReal makes you save time and money by selling you property with no stress.
How much will it cost me to sell my property through MDAICReal?
Estate agents typically charge between 1.5% to 5% commission on the sale of a property, depending on the country laws. They may also charge separate fees for advertising and promotional material. This should be confirmed to you by the estate agent before any instruction takes place or any agreement is signed. However, those experienced sellers and buyers may have preferred solicitors. With regards to solicitor’s fees or conveyancing fees, these can vary from firm to firm. It is important to contact more than one solicitor to receive quotes as there are no set fees for conveyancing. We, at MDAICReal, we charge our fees in accordance with the established laws (rules and regulations) of each respective country and tailored to satisfactorily meet the requirements of the client and the prevalent regulations of the market.
Do I have to engage a Solicitor?
It is not necessary to engage any solicitor. MDAICReal legal department will be responsible for all the necessary legal issues, including the drafting of the Sale and Purchase Agreement/Sale Agreement, protecting all your interest. The legal part of selling a house can be incredibly complicated so it is recommended that you do use our own internal experienced solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. It is cheaper, faster and better for you. Our solicitor or licensed conveyancer save you fees. Besides, the amount of time and effort required to organise the legal part yourself may not be far lesser. Our own experienced solicitor will also bring to your attention concerns that an independent or inexperienced person may well miss. Our legal department is also responsible for the notary services.
Do I need to provide an Energy Performance Certificate - EPC?
Yes. The EPC is a legal obligation that has been in place since January 2013. It must be made available within Five (5) banking days from the effective date of placing or putting the property on the (international) market. MDAICReal always displays the EPC rating or inform the potential buyers about its parameters and data in all marketing materials and websites.
How do viewings work?
If you’re selling through an estate agent, they will organise all viewings on your behalf. This can be very beneficial as they deal with any difficult questions, screen potential time wasters and are well placed to advise interested viewers (and you) on what happens next.
What about tax?
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) isn’t applicable on a main residence but may be applicable on a second home or an investment property. For more information, visit the HMRC website or speak to an accountant.
What should I expect from a successful sale?
Although an estate agent cannot guarantee an accepted offer with progress to exchange and complete, they will keep you up to date throughout the sales process. Solicitors should also ensure that all relevant documents are ready to be signed or actioned before the sale. Your estate agent and solicitor should be available to discuss your concerns with at any point during the process. If you feel it is moving too slowly, or if you’re unsure about anything, don’t be shy! Selling your home can be a stressful process and your estate agent is there to make it easier for you and deal with any concerns and questions you may have.

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